Finding the best judicial candidate is more complicated and dynamic than picking elected officials for legislative races. In most elections, the main issue is, “Will the candidate vote for conservative policies?” However, the same cannot be asked when electing good Trial Court judges. Ideally, a good trial judge will also have qualifications like an even-handed temperament, a strong intellect, jury trial experience, a sense of fairness, and a good reputation in the legal community. See what members of your community are saying about John Flynn.

I am truly honored and humbled to receive this endorsement from our very own Sheriff Grady Judd. Although our Sheriff needs no introduction, it goes without saying that Sheriff Judd is not only a staple of our community but also a nationally recognized leader in law enforcement. I, like most of us, have always appreciated his steadfast efforts to keep our community safe and improve our County for all citizens. This endorsement from such a highly respected Sheriff with more than 50 years in law enforcement leaves me without words to describe my gratitude and appreciation. His faith in me renews my spirit and reinforces my purpose in this race to serve you as the next Judge for Polk County. I promise that I will work hard for you, follow the rule of law and abide by our Constitution.

Respectfully and humbly,

John B. Flynn

I am incredibly proud to be endorsed by the West Central Florida Police Benevolent Association. This fine organization is made up of officers from Hillsborough, Pasco and Polk Counties. I was particularly impressed by their mission statement as seen in the preamble to the organization’s constitution.

“WE, the members of the various law enforcement officers in Hillsborough County, Pasco County and Polk County, Florida, do hereby associate ourselves for the following purposes: To support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Florida; to inculcate loyalty and foster the impartial enforcement of law and order; to improve the individual proficiency of our members in the performance of their duties; to encourage social and educational activities among our members; to create a tradition of esprit de corps, insuring fidelity to duty under all conditions and circumstances; to cultivate a spirit of mutual helpfulness among our membership and the people we serve; to increase the efficiency of public service and thus more firmly establish the citizens’ confidence in the public service that is dedicated to the protection of their lives and property”

Patriots of Polk County, Inc

                                                                                                               August 17, 2022

John Flynn has been practicing law in Polk County for 20 years, appearing before nearly every Polk County Judge.  He has experience as a prosecutor, working under State’s Attorney Jerry Hill, as well as criminal law, as a private attorney.  He has been a mediator and has been responsible for investigating and making recommendations to the Florida Supreme Court regarding allegations of misconduct by local attorneys.

John Flynn is a constitutionalist and has promised to leave legislation and law- making to the branch of government to which those duties are assigned.

He has the experience and demeanor that Polk County should welcome on the bench.  It is for these reasons, Patriots of Polk County, Inc. is choosing to endorse John Brian Flynn for Polk County Judge Group 8.

Dena DeCamp, President



Thank you for your endorsement and for your many years of service to law enforcement.


My name is Kevin Balentine, and I want to express my support for John and his candidacy for Polk County Judge. I have known John for approximately 20 years. We first met as prosecutors at the State Attorneys Office in Bartow, and I recognized from the outset that he was a legal star in the making. He demonstrated an innate ability to quickly grasp even the most difficult legal concepts. Even though I had a couple more years experience, I found myself turning to him often for advice or recommendations on cases. More importantly, I was able to observe John in the courtroom, where he exemplified the ability and fairness that will serve him well as a judge. HIs time with the State Attorneys Office saw him handle a variety of positions and responsibilities, including directing the Lakeland courthouse branch, where he worked hand in hand with the Lakeland Police Department. He then was promoted to the felony division, where he prosecuted and tried many cases in front of a jury.

After his time with the state, John has worked the last several years representing the citizens of Polk County in both criminal and civil matters. It is this wealth of experience that sets him apart from the other candidates. He has assumed many roles in his legal career, which make him the most well rounded and best qualified person to sit on the bench.

Aside from our professional relationship, my family and I have also gotten to know John personally over the years. This has allowed me to see him inside and out of the courtroom, and I can attest that he exemplifies all the qualities that are required to be a judge. John can be tough when necessary, but is always fair, and listens to all points of view before making a decision. These qualities serve him well, and I hope all of you will join me in casting your ballot for John Flynn to be your next county court judge.

Valerie Wright, Esq.

I have known John Flynn both personally and professionally for 16 years. His volumes of experience have been well publicized. I feel compelled to mention why I personally believe he is the best person to be our next County Court Judge. I have worked on cases with John both as a colleague and as opposing counsel and have been able to witness firsthand his ability to keep an open mind while weighing all the facts of the case.  Over the years it became clear to me that he is a thoughtful person who deeply understands criminal law from both sides and has always worked hard to achieve justice. I have consulted with John on numerous cases and respect his opinion on matters of law.  

The reality is that a large part of the duties of a county court judge relate to the handling of criminal matters. We need a Judge with an even temperament, real integrity and experience with jury trials who can hit the ground running. Talk to John and you will find out that he understands that his role as a Judge is not to come to the courtroom with a pre-conceived idea of how a case will be handled, but rather to listen to the specifics of each case and decide it fairly and impartially, all while staying within the confines of what is legally correct and just. He has the level of experience both in life and in the courtroom necessary to make a great judge. John has earned my respect and my vote and I would urge the citizens of Polk County to vote Flynn on August 23rd.  


Melodie Lopez and Kevin Humphries have combined trial experience in more than 100 jury trials, 500 trials before court, 500 Social Security Administration trials and over 50 Workers’ Compensation trials. The attorneys of Lopez & Humphries, P.A. have had their own respective trials featured on national media where they have been described as “experienced” and “excellent” by hosts and commentators on their trial performance.


Fat Jack’s Deli and Pub has been a Lakeland fixture since 1963 when it was established by Jack and Stella Toro. Owner Mark Westfall began working as dishwasher in 1982 and purchased the restaurant in 1993. Fat Jack’s is a family run business. Owner Mark Westfall still mans the grill and knows most of the regular customers by name. The Flynn Campaign is proud to announce his endorsement.

Michael Smithkey

The Flynn campaign is pleased to announce the endorsement of John for County Court Judge, Group 8 by Michael Smithkey. Mr. Smithkey is a former Deputy with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Throughout his career John has worked closely with law enforcement and is honored by Mr. Smithkey’s endorsement of his campaign.